Waxing Lyrical

Waxing joints, from premier to budget.


Pacific Plaza (#03-02)

9 Scotts Road



T: (+65) 6235 0286

I am a Brazilian. Where it counts, anyway.  An addictive beauty must, at Honeypot they are friendly and brilliant. It was one of the early ‘all off’ wax joints before Strip took its grip on the island and it does a great job without reducing waxing styles to an overhead Starbucks style menu with an endless and annoying choice of wax. Take a package out and its only $52 a session (vs regular $63).  Hot wax is used here vs strip wax and it really is pretty painless.  They say that if you go one week either side of your time of the month, it hurts even less.  They have a slightly outdated and annoying sexy kitty décor thing going on but actually, all that does is reinforce the fact that these guys are good…as they’ve obviously been here for years (5 in fact).   Oh, and there is a strict no double dipping policy, so sticks only go in to the wax once before being thrown away – very clean and a lot less chance of the dreaded red bumps because of this.  They have 2 other outlets including one in Taka – see website for more details.  Eldyn in the Pacific Plaza outlet (just a hop, skip and an overpass away from Far East Plaza) is matter of fact and motherly.

Opening Times: 11am-8pm Mon- Sat; 11am-7pm Sun

Ask for: Eldyn


34C Lorong Mambong

Holland Village

Singapore 277691


T: (+65) 6467 7219

The definitive waxing joint in Singapore. Super cool, New York vibe (but sadly with the same Manhattan pricing that is applied to waxing Stateside).  Choose the amount you want to strip off from a Starbucks-style menu, but they are specialists in Brazilian waxing.  They also offer a choice of wax, the most expensive professing to lessen pain (but you pay more for it….so it’ll still hurt you somewhere).  Tons of other branches including: Wheelock, Raffles, Suntec and The Cathay – see website for more details.

Opening Times: 10am-9pm daily


Delfi Orchard (#02-11)

402 Orchard Road

Singapore 238876

T: (+65) 6733 0933

Yvonne dispatches the most painless bikini waxes that exist.  It is all she does and she sweeps in and out of the private rooms (providing you have booked her that is), interrupting leg waxes and whatever else in order to fit her back to back clients in, all within the salon’s opening times.  Prices are around $40 + for a bikini wax, depending on how much you get rid of.  Excellent for the initial couple of visits, but once you are down to maintenance, you can save by going elsewhere.   Despite the pricing, the rooms are decidedly no fills, but her service and technique is exemplary.

Opening Times: 9.30am-8pm Mon-Fri; 9.30am-7pm Sat; Closed Sun

Ask for: Yvonne


Far East Plaza (#04-61)

14 Scotts Road

Singapore 228213

T: (+65) 6235 3802

Where all the air hostesses (KLM, BA, SQ and Qantas) in the know, go for their facials, this beauty steal also offers excellent waxing services.  They will even work on you 2 at a time if they can afford the staff, so you are waxed double quick (this sounds painful but they only whip off little bits at a time).  UK trained Teresa who owns and runs the store has been doing Brazilians since she opened 30 years ago…before they were even called Brazilians.  She honed her skills waxing can-can girls in London and is a real character.  Meticulous waxing services at a good price: $20-$25 for bikini line ($35 if you are new and this is your first time…it certainly won’t be your last), a generous (i.e. well over the knee, top of foot (?!) and toes) half leg wax is $28.  Brown and lash tints are also offered: $45 together, or $25 individually.  Spend a morning here and get everything done at once.  They will even whip out dreaded in-growing hairs as part of the service.

Opening Times: 11am-8pm Mon-Fri; 10am-6pm Sat; Closed Sun

Ask for: Teresa


T: (+65) 8509 5129

Michelle is a mobile beautician who is a godsend if you are working and tend to arrive home late, when all the salons are shut.  Not only a great beautician, she is happy to work very flexible hours which means a 10pm (or later) bikini wax is never out of the question.  Prices are reasonable but you need to spend around $100 in total to avoid the transport charge of $15.  So save up and get your bikini wax ($25), full leg wax ($60), brow threading ($6) – being Indian she’s a whizz at this – and upper and lower lip ($6) all done and it’ll come to $97 (she says that is near enough to $100, so there’s no surcharge).  She also does a mean mani pedi.  She is very particular about the types of wax she uses and for the face, bikini and under arm….it’s always hard wax which is much kinder to sensitive skin.  She’s been running her flourishing business for 4 years now, having worked in a salon for 7, and also does make up.  To illustrate her flexible working hours, she told me that her bridal make up appointments can start as early as 4am on the morning of the wedding!  So time-wise, anything goes….just ask.


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