Hairdressers – Cut & Colour

Sick of Toni & Guy, the Starbucks of the hairdressing world, in terms of its prices and its worldwide everywhere-ness?  Then some of these may help…


Suntec City (#02-018)

3 Temasek Boulevard


T: (+65)63377811

Winnie Goh is the key to this place and is great with Asian AND caucasian hair.  She is a brilliant cutter and colourist and has recently moved here post baby (she was at Maison Hairmake in Far East Plaza before).  She is Singapore trained but worked in Holland Village for years (hence very confident at cutting and dying ang-moh hair).  Her prices are great, with cuts starting from the $35 mark.  A full head of highlights, like the cut it depends on hair length, is approx $135, half a head: around $100.  If you are not sure what an expat favoured salon’s charges normally are, see below.

Opening Times: 11am-9pm daily. Although Winnie works every day except Weds & Sun

Ask for: Whinnie


Tanglin Mall (#03-22)

163 Tanglin Road

Singapore 247933

T: (+65) 6235 2910

Pricey but 100% amazing with caucasian hair and very fast in terms of foil highlights (they have 2 people working on you, so you know where your money’s going) which they manage to get right up close the the roots – brilliant. Most of their client base are expats.  Cuts start from $52 with a stylist (who was very good), it’s then $70 for a senior stylist, $82 for a cut from the creative director, $96 for the artistic salon director to snip your tresses and a whopping $128 for the salon director.  Highlights depend on hair length but vary from $189 for half a head and $229-$329 for a full head.   I have long hair and went for the cheapest cut and half a head of highlights and paid $275.  It was expensive but the colour is incredible (and I was in and out within 2 and a half hours) and I think I’ll use it as my 6 month colour sanity check as Delois is excellent, especially if you need to tone down or blonde-up a little.  Somewhere a fraction  of the price is great for inbetween trips.  Danny is also a great colourist: ask for either of them and you cannot go wrong.  Both brilliant for colour consultations and well worth the price. BTW: If you are going here for highlights only and not a cut be warned that a post highlight blow will cost you $38.  Instead, just ask for a rough dry which is perfectly good – albeit not as pokers straight as the $38 job, but very passable – and free of charge.

Opening Times: 10am-7pm daily

Ask for: Delois or Danny for highlights


Delfi Orchard (#02-11)

402 Orchard Road

Singapore 238876

T: (+65) 6733 0933

Dominic at Visage is very good at his own marketing and is rather bandied about (by his salon) as ‘THE Caucasian hair expert’ in ads that appear in every expat magazine you will ever open.  That said, he is very good with western locks, especially if you have difficult curly hair or hair that you know is super tricky to cut.  He is a safe pair of hands and having  spent 10+ years working in a London salon, has bags of experience.  Their neighbouring beauty salon does near painless Brazilians (TIP: be sure to ask for Yvonne) but don’t expect to be bowled over by the décor – that goes for the hair salon too.  A cut with Dominic starts from $55-$65, depending on hair length.  Highlights are again dependant on the length of your locks as well as how many colours you want; costs start from $165-$175 for half a head (1 colour), $180-$185 for a full head (with 1 colour) and $190-$195 for 2 colours.

Opening Times: 9.30am-8pm Mon-Fri; 9.30am-7pm Sat; Closed Sun

Ask for: Dominic


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