Really useful, albeit random, websites that we can’t do without. Listed in no particular order:

Great resource and especially good if you want to see something at the movies at a specific time and want to see who is showing it, when and where. Lots of other stuff besides…


T: (+65) 9830 1311

Singapore’s answer to scooterman.  Book at least an hour in advance in order for a fully clad chauffeur to drive your motor home with you inside it.  There is a flat fee of $36 from whereever you are, to wherever you are going.  In operation 24 hours a day with approximately 20 drivers at the ready.  Payment is online or in cash.

A kind of for Singapore.  Sign up to their weekly email updates or just browse the site. They are great at listing all the good events happening in town and also try to fill you in on new and ‘off the beaten track’ finds….

Expats need to pass the Basic Theory test in order to legally drive in Singapore, within one year of arriving.  Register, enroll for your test AND get practice questions all from here.  BTW: You can also download an iPhone basic theory Q&A app from the iTunes store which makes passing your test even easier.

So you want to know the Singapore equivalent of in terms of car insurance?  Well, this is it.  They are a great port of call if you want to shop around for the best price without having to lift a finger….and….hurrah…..won’t just push the insurance deal that lands them the largest commission.  Despite the name, it’s not just for expats.

Flying economy on the A380 and determined to know which are the seats that allow you that almost-business-class leg stretch without being emergency exits?  Punch in your carrier and flight number and be amazed at what these guys know.

Great for cheap calls to the UK, among other countries – there are masses.  Registering is easy and you can nominate your landline as well as several other numbers, including mobiles.

Singapore’s online food guide.  Good, helpful restro resource and good for procuring phone numbers for just about any restaurant.  Their opening times shouldn’t be heavily relied upon though…

T: (+65)  9030 7239

Tammy Fontana is the Singpore Sleep Fairy.  A handy number if you are new here and in panic mode about jet lag or simply need to know, right now, how to stop your child climbing out of bed at 5am every day.  Just call her – she doesn’t need to actually see the child – and give her all the background over the phone and she will make an assessment.  Tammy’s American and lives on the East Coast. She’s been in Singapore for 5 years or so and has various accreditations for counseling and mental health.

Great website with some sweet deals. Each day they feature one deal on cool things to do, see or taste in SG.  You only get the deal if enough people buy it (past deals include a weekly, use-anytime yoga pass for $10 vs the usual $50 price/50% off Bliss Brazilian waxes etc).  When the deal ends, they email you a coupon so you can go and redeem it.


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