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T: (+65) 9668 5621

Violet is the doyenne of local cuisine and is perhaps best  described as the Pru Leith of Singapore.  An official food ambassador for Singapore, she runs very well known and well respected cooking classes, which have been going since 1981.  Splendid in her violet coloured chef’s whites, her key classes include Nonya Delights, Singapore Street Food and Baking Sensations.  A very natural and intuitive cook, she dishes out practical advice, from which suppliers she likes and trusts, to how to tell if your beef is cooked through without anyone being able to see you have ‘cheated’.  A must do if you are a foodie living here in S’pore.  Prices vary according to which class you want to do, but they are around $100 for 3 hours.   Classes are taught with demos from her and zero hands-on experience for participants, which I have to say I much prefer, as when I have my hand up a chicken’s bottom, or whatever it is that you are trying to emulate, you invariably miss the next part of what you are meant to be doing next.

As well as running courses and representing Singapore food abroad, Violet is branching out to run, in her words, ‘beyond eating classes’, although the concept is officially called Gourmet Circle.  These classes will teach you all you need to know about ordering, eating and appreciating different cuisines, e.g. how to order Chinese food correctly (did you know that every dish has meaning and sentiment behind it? There is a huge significance to ordering a whole fish for instance), how to eat halal food, how to eat correctly using your hands (there is a real technique to this btw – it’s all about moving your thumb).  We’re enrolling in the Chinese course just so we can feel wildly knowledgeable next time we frequent Min Jiang with a big group.  Gourmet Circle classes will be a group of around 10-15 pax.  You can even organise your own if you have the right number of people.  For more info email:


Central Mall (#B1-54/55)

6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Singapore 059817

T: (+65) 6238 5178

A fabulous find in the basement of the Central Mall.  This franchise of the well-known Australian company is as much about eye candy as the actual tooth rotting variety.  Get there after midday and you will almost certainly get a chance to see these extraordinary artisans at work, pulling the fantastically coloured hot sugar into beautiful rock in a myriad of different colours and flavours. The watermelon is our favourite, hotly pursued by the endless possibilities of bespoke rock with your name embossed in the centre.

Opening Times: 10am-10pm daily


Heritage View (Tower A, #15-12)

8 Dover Rise

Singapore 138679

T: (+65) 9731 268

Organise your own cooking lessons in the comfort of your own home, or go on her amazing Tecca wet market tour.  Kay Karuna is a very charismatic Singaporean of Indian origin who makes cooking with or shopping for new, exciting ingredients simple, easy and fun.  Her home cooking classes will teach you how to chef up Asian cuisine including Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese as well as Singapore hawker fare.  She will also do ‘theme’ cooking, e.g. wok cooking, cooking with tofu etc.


Liang Court (#03-02)

177 River Valley Road

Singapore 179030

T: (+65) 6333 9401

C.K.Lee is a…no…THE tea guru in Singapore.  He has been running ‘Tea Craft’ for 20 years and is the Director of the World Tea Union as well as Chair of the Tea Culture Society of Singapore.  If you ever wanted to be a brew buff, this is the guy you need to know.  He can teach you the art of pouring and brewing the perfect cup of cha.  He charges $45 for a 2 hour session, but if you want something more in depth, he offers a block of 12 sessions for $320.  This cosy tea shop come sampling station – this is not a café and the tables are for lessons only – has a host of clients who are mainly Japanese (Singaporeans aren’t too interested in tea anymore, he says).  They also sell a huge variety of loose leaf tea, ranging from good value to wildly expensive: last year an Indonesian Chinese customer purchased a 350g block of black stuff for a whopping $50,000.  A real experience worth trying, he is like a cross between a finishing school teacher and a fussy English builder in terms of tea quality, taste, appearance and how to drink it.

Opening Times: 9.30am-7pm (sometimes 8pm) Mon-Sat; 11am-7pm Sun


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