Thrilled to have a tiny bit of green space.  Here’s who/what we’ve found helpful so far:


T: (+65) 9692 6515

Teo is a real find. He has a horicultural diploma and so really knows his plants and has done the job of landscape garden for around 15 years.  More importantly than that, he knows what you should place where.  I insisted on a climbing scented jasmine for a shady spot in the garden and was politely, but firmly, told, “No mama, that will not do there. It will die and you will be sad.  You can have x, y or z.”  Love it. I have no idea what tropical plants need and want in the way of light and shade, but he does, and he will work to any budget.  He will also maintain your garden once or twice a month for a very reasonable price (ie cut grass, remove coconuts from palm trees, prune and fertilize plants as needed.  We are paying $80 a month for bi weekly visits).  He also, very sweetly and for no additional charge, planted all our potted plants in to the ground (the earth here is sun baked and really very hard, so this is quite tricky to do yourself, even if you want to).  You have to remember to pin him down on a specific watering schedule as he is not that forthcoming about how to keep  everything alive on a day to day basis.  One HUGE caveat is that Teo is quite unreliable in terms of his timings. He doesn’t always come when he says he will. It’s worth a reminder call to him a day or so before your scheduled appointment is due.  If you can’t stand this, then he is not for you.  On the other hand, he is a garden genius who, in addition to designing your garden, will get you far cheaper prices on your plants than you would pay at Far East Flora.  


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