Not really filed under quite the right category, but close enough…besides, we can’t bear the thought of having a stand alone dedicated car section (yawn). This is just a brief list of car-related things that we’ve found useful recently:


353 Tanglin Road

Singapore 2473 4698

T: (+65) 6473 4698 or call Patrick on (+65) 9633 2440

An amazing find! Rather randomly but they will do almost anything here, from pumping up the tyres on your Bugaboo in two seconds flat…to fitting a new bulb if your tail light’s broken.  They will also check your car’s tyre pressure as well as undertake minor car repairs and spray jobs.  They are great value, friendly and amazingly useful.  BTW: They are actually within the Esso petrol station on Tanglin Road, on the left hand side of the road as you drive down towards Alexandra).

Opening Times: 8am-5pm Mon-Sat;  Closed Sun


1010 Bukit Merah Lane 1 (#01-105)

Singapore 159724


T: (+65) 6271 7054

We found this place because it was the nearest garage on AXA’s approved list of workshops…and they are brilliant. Ask for Sharon who is the daughter’s owner. After quite a few bumps and scrapes I now know that it is not always wise to claim on your insurance.  In fact, you should only claim if it’s a serious sum of money. Otherwise be warned, because if you’ve claimed more than twice, a lot of insurers won’t touch you and you are deemed uninsurable.  They are ways round this (see entry below: Clement who runs Motor Insurance Quotes). One is to get Sharon to fix your car and pay for it yourself. Her prices are reasonable, her chaps can polish out little scrapes in seconds (I am such a good customer that she no longer charges me to do this…not sure what that says about my driving ability) and her costs for spare parts are more than fair.

Ask for : Sharon

Opening Times: 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri; 9am-2.30pm Sat.  Closed Sun


T: (+65) 9858 7298 

This is a one man band and is run by a guy called Clement who is a lifesaver.  I had 3 claims on record in under 2 years and was deemed uninsurable when it came to renewing our car insurance. Clement, besides being able to shop around to find you the best insurance deals out there (similar to Expat Motors – see Links), can also advise you on what the hell to do if you find yourself in this position. We now have insurance and are not paying through the nose for it.


302 Sin Ming Road

Singapore 575627

T: (+65) 6452 1398

If you are buying a second hand car, it’s worth getting it checked out by someone completely impartial who can tell you whether or not the engine is in working order, what is and isn’t wrong with it, and whether it’s been in any accidents.  STA has 3 branches: one near Upper Thomson (listed above), one around Commonwealth (T: (+65) 6476 0988) and one near Ubi (T: (+65) 6261 6178) and are the guys to call for a complete car inspection.  They issue a report afterwards too.  Costs around $128 including tax.  See website for more details and exact locations.  Most garages that sell second hand cars have heard of STA and will know where their nearest branch is and will drop off your prospective set of wheels with them for testing.


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