Trying to find homewares and lifestyle products, especially those with a bit of actual style can seem seriously daunting at first in Singapore.  There is a glut of naff repro teak Asian style furniture and plenty of mediocre yet expensive priced items in supposedly ‘designer’ shops such as I Wanna Go Home and Molecule in the malls.

Park Mall is a good option for browsing, lighting, and serious beds such as Vi-Sprung and Simmons.   But for genuinely interesting interiors you will have to try harder.  There is in fact a growing group of artistic and design led individuals that are creating some seriously cutting edge products and pieces…mostly in the Ann Siang Hill area or around Club Street (see Home Accessories Boutiques).

We have listed lots of the ‘can’t do without’ places, as well as a couple of obvious options that might not be obvious to newcomers, and hope that some of our more off-the-beaten-track listings reap rewards.

As always, if you hear of or spot somewhere fab that isn’t on the list, let us know so that we can share.  Particularly with smaller stores, it is really important to show support in Singapore as there is a high turnover of boutiques.  As I write this there are already two that have dissappeared and one that has moved, in the furniture section alone!


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