Baby & Child

By no means experts – only one of us has given birth on this side of the world – but hope some of this helps:


International Medical Centre Paediatric Clinic

Camden Medical Centre (#11-06)

1 Orchard Boulevard

Singapore 248649

T: (+65) 8667 4440

Dr Mark Loh is a brilliant paediatrician. No waiting time with an appointment (this sounds pretty obvious but just try going to see Y.Y.Yip at Gleneagles – having booked an appointment – and see how long it takes to get some face time) and he is great with children (kind of a pre-requisite but you’d be surprised).  UK trained, he also works at KK – the best children’s hospital in S’pore.

Opening Times: 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri; Sat 9am-1pm



ACJ Women’s Clinic (#03-03)

Thompson Medical Centre

339 Thompson Road

Singapore 307677

T: (+65) 6353 2033

Looking for a gyne that isn’t Dr T.C Chang, who everyone else goes to? Try Dr Khi (pronounced ‘Key’) who is at Thompson and is kind, professional and no nonsense. She is also uber glam and is never seen without her Chanel suit on….whether delivering a baby, seeing patients or just going to lunch. We like.  PS Totally unsubstantiated, but never see a gyne who is busy as hell. Who’s to say they’ll make it to your birth?!  She is both UK (London) and Singapore trained.

Opening Times: 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri; 9am-2pm Sat.  Closed Sun


T: (+65) 90600363

A pre and post natal massage wrap genius, Shenko is a  delightful and diminutive Indian lady that comes highly recommended…and comes to your house.  She will come and look after you for an hour and a half of blissful (if at times painful) massage.  Before the birth this precious time is utterly heavenly and left me feeling almost weightless – a true miracle in my particular circumstance!  After delivery, most people book her for an entire week of massage and wraps as soon as possible after giving birth, however I found this a little difficult to work into my day…though truly lovely when I managed.  If you have had a caesarian you will have to wait a while, but if things went the natural route you should be able to call on her services by day three.  I found it terribly uncomfortable and inconvenient to do the wraps  – the herbs made my temperature skyrocket and found it impossible to sit down (not great for breastfeeding) but they certainly work if it is a desperate need to reduce water retention and size in a hurry.  It takes three hours start to finish if you do massage and wrap (again an amount of time I found impossible to give up with a newborn) but Shenko is very patient when it comes to having to feed a screaming tiny person ten minutes into a massage!  Shenko will also come and see you further down the road – a well earned treat for exhausted mothers everywhere!  She was recommended to us by women that know at Mother and Child in Tanglin Mall.  She does not work evenings or Sundays.

T: (+65)  9030 7239

Tammy Fontana is the Singpore Sleep Fairy.  A handy number if you are new here and in panic mode about jet lag or simply need to know, right now, how to stop your child climbing out of bed at 5am every day.  Just call her – she doesn’t need to actually see the child – and give her all the background over the phone and she will make an assessment.  Tammy’s American and lives on the East Coast. She’s been in Singapore for 5 years or so and has various accreditations for counseling and mental health.


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