(M)eat Your Heart Out



Great World City (#B2-11/12)

1 Kim Seng Road

Singapore 237994

T: (+65) 6256 5070

 Owned by a Brazilian woman who opened Espirito a few years ago in answer to the dismal dirth of good meat in Singapore, this place has gone from strength to strength.  Her business and family have grown over the last few years and they continue to supply good quality meat and poultry to those in the know.  She has an Argentinian beef supplier that is truly sensational if you are tired with the so-called Wagyu beef offerings that seem to be everywhere these days.  The staff there argue that South American beef is best…and they should know.  The price tag is similar to Aussie Butcher but if you are in Great World anyway and want to pick up meat on short notice (i.e. dinner tonight) it is a useful one to remember on the way down to the carpark.

Opening Times: 9am-9pm daily



44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-50


T: (+65) 6472 0073

Predictable but necessary to add to the list.  It is good.  Not great, but good.  It’s extortionate prices hinder us from singing its praises without caveats.  They deliver…good.  They are knowledgeable…good.  They do fish too (frozen)…OK.  They are Expensive…Bad.  An institution amongst expats, this establishment has been going from strength to strength at their Chip Bee, Holland Village, location.  Happy to deliver to your door for a minimum order, they have now even branched out to delivering fish (though mostly frozen or pre-frozen).  Ifyou are a meat aficionado then you will know that it is hard to find decent beef and particularly organic chicken in this country – at least without taking out a mortgage!  Until fairly recently they could charge what they liked as there were so few trusted outlets in Singapore, but not anymore.  Check out below for some seriously attractive options.  If it is sausages you are after however, having done more than your average sized taste test, we would suggest that you can’t really go wrong with the standard ones from Cold Storage – the French garlic and herb both small and large, and british bangers are really not bad.

Opening Times: 10 til 7 or til 6 on Sat and Sun.



18A Dempsey Road

Singapore 249677


T: (+65) 67371588

Recently opened in Dempsey, Huber’s now houses a café out front that does (surprisingly for a butcher) a pretty good coffee.  If you miss weiner schnitzel and German sausages then this is the place to go. A long established family business that has another branch in Upper Bukit Timah (T: (+65) 6465 0122) ; they were awarded the Singapore Tatler 2009 best gourmet meats award and it was well deserved.  The sheer volume and variety of meat available is hard to beat and their interesting choice and range of cheeses, herbs, accompaniments and fresh produce is pretty impressive.  Their Margaret River Wagyu beef is well worth the hefty price tag, but check out their website for offers and a comprehensive list of available items that you can order ahead.  It is an unlikely place to find a good range of cheap fresh herbs and the occasional very interesting vegetable such as baby artichokes, white italian onions, raddicchio and endive.

Opening Times: 9.30am-8pm daily   



8 Chin Bee Crescent

Singapore 619893


T: (+65) 62616120

They deliver to most of the hotels in Singapore, wholesale, and have recently closed their showroom over on the east coast.  Operating an efficient online-only service. Great value, all the meat is frozen but order from here to pick up cheap steak, duck breast and pork fillet for half, if not less, of what it would cost in the Aussie Butcher (and you will note that the packaging is the same!).  They also sell a hit and miss selection of condiments (but good lemon oil) as well as frozen fish plus some tinned goodies.

Opening Times: Website ordering only


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