Hard Stuff

Try very hard never to buy your booze from a supermarket. Here are a few alternatives.

There is also a great wine website which is worth subscribing to: http://www.thelocalnose.com.The Local Nose
It is a Singapore based wine recommendation website, but you can also buy wine direct from merchants through it as well as track down a specific wine you are looking for.

The site features weekly wine buying recommendations from a panel of expert ‘Local Noses’ who taste wines from local merchants and recommend them first on a quality basis, and secondly on a value-for-money basis.


38 Holland Grove Road

Singapore 278810


T: (+65) 6314 1597

You can’t miss this. It’s got a bright yellow shop and is on the corner of the crescent, facing Henry Park School.  A great local find and Lewis, who owns and runs this shop alongside his wife, really knows his stuff.  They sell Bollinger for $79.90 a bottle which officially makes them the cheapest supplier in Singapore.  It is not always in stock though, so give him your details in order to take advantage when it is.   Payment by cash or cheque will give you a further 10% discount off marked prices (off everything except Bollinger).  You need to study the displayed labels carefully as he has a system: the large printed price is the supermarket price you would ordinarily be paying for the wine; the 2nd (cheaper) price is his price and provided you are paying cash, take a further 10% off it.  He is very knowledgeable which makes it a pleasure to buy wine here and support him in his quest for quality and fair pricing.  Also check out http://www.thelocalnose.com for more wine info and recommendations on top value for money wines in Singapore and where to buy them.

Opening Times: 12noon-6.30pm daily


Robertson Walk

11 Unity Walk (#01-06)

Singapore 237995

T: (+65) 6238 6878

OK, this is very mainstream but such a great place for reasonably priced, good booze. Come to this branch and you can park just outside and fly in (vs being mauled by malls).  Try Fat Bastard wine (around $30) which is a great French find.  They also do a delicious set euro-style set dinner around the $30 mark (we had v good chicken liver pate, followed by delicious crispy duck leg; pud was disappointing but at this price, who cares) as well as a snackier bar menu which allows you to pick reasonably priced cheeses and other small dishes, tapas style. We are longing to try their raclette dinner which you have to be organised enough to pre order the day before.  There is a minimum of 4 people to eat it too.

Opening Times: 10am-2am Mon-Sat; 10am-12am Sun.


Paragon (#B1-13)

290 Orchard Road

Singapore 23885

T: (+65) 6734 4844

Situated in the basement of the Paragon, this is widely believed to be the oldest existing wine shop in Singapore.  Wine crates are stacked floor to ceiling and you would be forgiven for thinking that this was a depot or holding centre and not an expensive retail outlet.  However, it stocks some of the more interesting and pricey bottles on the island and is a favourite haunt of a handful of serious Singaporean wine buffs.  BTW: For decent wine that won’t break the bank, try Denise wine outlets:www.denisethewineshop.com.  If you are more of a connoisseur and buy by the case get in touch with Robert Rees at Wine Exchange Asia

Opening Times: 10.30am-9pm daily


Block 8 Dempsey Road (#01-13)

Singapore 247696


T: +65 6474 7338

Although these guys could also undeniably sneak in to ‘Groceries & Goodies’ (see right), we have listed them here under the booze section because they really do have a great selection of wine.  Not too expensive if you know your stuff, and they sometimes run a bin ends basket.  Make sure you clean up when they do.  Otherwise it is a good place to find some lovely french and italian wines and they will always have a good bottle of chilled champagne available.

Opening Times: 10am-9pm Mon-Thu; 9am-9pm Fri-Sun


2 Tagore Lane


T: (+65) 6552 0020 or (+65) 9662 0020 (Benson’s handphone)

Benson’s the chap you need to speak to if you come here because he is the only person who speaks English.  Only worthwhile if you are having a party and want to buy around $500 worth of beer, because, a/ they’ll deliver it free of charge – spend less and they won’t and b/the rather measily saving you make vs buying it at Fairprice ($60 for a tray of 24 cans; $54 here) is only worth it if you are bulk buying.

Opening Times: 8am-6pm Mon-Fri; 8pm-5pm Sat; closed Sun


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