This section is devoted to all things gourmet, culinary and downright necessary. Once you have established that Singapore is a culinary epicentre, you can start scratching the surface and finding people and places that are genuinely trying to create interesting and high quality goods.  Whilst it could be argued that SG is still decades behind the rest of world in terms of the understanding and appreciation of all things organic, seasonal and/or free range…we have found a handful of GM-free places that exist out there.

Most grocery items are easy enough to find and you can get almost any ingredient under the sun, provided you are prepared to pay for it.  If you are a serious foodie, watch out for events held every March, under the umbrella of a two week festival called ‘The World Gourmet Summit’.  In 2010 they managed to prize Ferran Adria away from Spain, Daniel Boulud from Paris and some very serious food photographers sponsored by Leica.  Some of them have also opened restaurants here, primarily at MBS – big names include Mario Battali, Daniel Boulud, Guy Savoy and Tetsuya.

Anyway……if you want to give a gift to a serious foodie, or just want to know where to go for quality and/or rare ingredients, here’s our list.  Simply click on the sections ‘(M)eat Your Heart Out’, ‘Groceries & Goodies’, ‘Hard Stuff’ and ‘Sweet Stuff’.


Other foodie places and useful websites:

Cold Storage Group www.coldstorage.com.sg

Carrefour (apparently about to launch their own version of the Nespresso pod. Except it’s in paper not foil, and a fraction of the Nestle price. Watch this space…) www.carrefour.com.sg

Fairprice Finest www.fairprice.com.sg

NTUC Healthcare Unity www.ntuchealthcare.com.sg

Isetan Supermarket www.isetan.com.sg

Green Grocer www.greengrocer.com.sg

Kenny Grocery www.kennygrocery.com.sg

Sakuraya www.sakuraya.com.sg

Supernature www.supernature.com.sg

Zenxin (a Malaysian organic outfit that will deliver, in every sense of the word) www.zenxin.com.my


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