Children’s Clothing

Lovely things for little people.


Holland Village Shopping Centre (#02-18)

211 Holland Road

Singapore 278967

T: (+65) 6468 3655

Great for children’s smocked dresses, all-cotton Chinese PJs (around $18 though – try Lims for cheaper, cotton mix numbers) and other tropics-friendly, generally pretty tasteful clothes for boys and girls.  Not super cheap but prices aren’t a patch on what these things would cost in a department store.  Has a slight ramshackle feel to it, but clothes are quite well displayed and staff are helpful and on-hand (and you can’t help feeling, on commission).

Opening Times: 10am-8pm Mon-Sat; 10.30am-6pm Sun


Forum (#02-21)

583 Orchard Road

Singapore 238884

T: (+65) 6738 2374

Pretty and preppy has never looked so good, or been so expensive.  At least making an effort in the toned down, tasteful stakes vs Armani Junior or Baby Guess.  There is also a small concession on level 3 of Taka.

Opening Times: 11am-8pm Mon-Fri; 10am-7pm Sat-Sun


310 Orchard Road

Singapore 238864

T: (+65) 6737 5500

Regarded as a shopping institution (the flagship on Orchard occupies Singapore’s oldest and most iconic store), Tangs is comparable to Selfridges in London or Bloomingdales in New York.  Shop here for clothes for toddlers upwards (the baby gear isn’t great) making it a good one-stop-shop from 2+, provided you can fight your way across the packed beauty hall to the lifts (assuming you have a pushchair in tow) right at the back.  The escalators are also hard to reach but once you get to the kids dept, L4, it’s almost empty.  They have a sweet changing area as well as a feeding station (boob only though, no solids allowed) but there is also a playground and café for proper food.

Opening Times: 10.30am-9.30pm Mon-Thu & Sat; 10.30am-11pm Fri; 11am-8.30pm Sun


391A Orchard Road

Singapore 238872

T: +65 6738 9905

Taka is a high-end department store groaning with terrifying mini-me designer children’s gear…but come here for the Clarks shoes alone – not Startrite sadly – but the best you can do for your child’s first, second and third pair.  BTW: Clarks are unintuitively stocked in the baby (not toddler) section.

Opening Times: 10-9.30 daily


Tanglin Mall (#02-13)

163 Tanglin Road

Singapore 247933

T: (+65) 6836 9170

Petit Bateau eat your heart out, at half the price…well, almost.  Owned and conceived by French designer Stephanie Lemaire, this is a well priced, beautifully tasteful children’s clothing line made here is Asia.  Offering classic blue and white Breton stripped creations to pretty, and quite neutrally coloured, party dresses……breathe a sigh of relief, for there are absolutely no tasteless splashes of pink chiffon in sight.  Great for gifts that look like they cost more than they actually did.  Clothing sizes range from newborn to 12 years old.  There are also outlets in Paragon (#05-35; T: (+65) 6836 1445), Parkway Parade (#02-34; T: (+65) 6344 6892), Great World City (#03-18; T: (+65) 6836 6680) and Suntec City (Tower 2 #03-007; T: (+65) 6338 3855).  BTW: Great source of frilly knicks (the pink and white checked gingham are lovely, they also do a powder blue and white check as well as plain white – all $14) if your toddler insists on pulling her dress above her head, or if she has out grown her dresses length-wise, but they still fit her everywhere else.

Opening Times: 9.30am-9pm Mon-Sat; 10am-9pm Sun


Funan Centre (#05-19/20)

109 North Bridge Road

Singapore 179097

T: (+65) 637 1968

Totally hit and miss on the smocked dress front, but you can snap up a lovely old fashioned English number if the polyester tutu collection doesn’t throw you off.  They do do great smocked romper suits which make sweet baby presents.  Good source of boring black children’s school shoes and various uniforms, but if your kids are at Tanglin, UWC, SJI or Marymount, you will know about this place anyway.

Opening Times: 10.30am-7pm Mon-Sat; 1pm-7pm Sun


Funan Centre (#05-K6)

109 North Bridge Road

Singapore 179097

T: (+65) 6333 0414

Good but small glass box of an outlet selling some great gear for the 0-4 age bracket.  Stockists of US brand Pediped (great early walking shoes – the next best thing to bare feet) as well as other labels including Osh Kosh, GAP and the inevitably disgusting, but always popular, Disney characters.

Opening Times: 11.30am-7.30pm Mon-Fri; 11am-7pm Sat & Sun


Ion (#B2-43)

2 Orchard Turn

Singapore 238801

T: (+65) 6509 9228

Quirky, fun kidswear that includes their signature fried egg T-shirts as well as rather random but fun Ts featuring washing machines, vans, robots, muffins and chickens.  They also do grown up versions just in case you think that what a 5 year old is wearing might look good on Daddy.  From age 2-12 and adult (for men and women, T-shirts and hoodies only).

Opening Times: 10am-10pm daily


United Square (#01-53)

101 Thompson Road

Singapore 307591

T: (+65) 6253 8438

Began life in ’94 in Manilla, Gingersnaps is now also in Bangkok, Jakarta and here.  Come and stock up on sweet, predominantly cotton, children’s clothes (for kids aged 0-14) that are both tasteful, a bit original and well priced…and…. if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always pop to Cotton On a few stores along (see entry below).  Gingersnaps is also in Paragon (#05-39; T: (+65) 6733 9390) as well as Raffles City (#03-35; T: (+65) 6336 9268) and they have a range of gear stocked in Taka (L3) as well as Isetan Scotts & Isetan Parkway (East Coast branch).

Opening Times: 11am-8.45pm


United Square (#01-05/06/06A)

101 Thompson Road

Singapore 307591

T: (+65) 6253 1595

America has GAP, Japan has Uniqlo and Australia has Cotton On, this is good kids gear at good prices.  Brilliant for staple building, they also have bargain mock-crocs (for $10) and cute, cotton T-shirt dresses.  BTW: Their teen/adult stuff (313@Orchard has the best selection) is perfect for tricky teenagers.  Tops are a bit cheapo and flimsy for Mummies but you could, if you root around, find something vaguely passable.  Better for them though.  Try their clearance store (see below) for teen staples and less current trends.

Opening Times: 9.30am-9.30pm daily


Ion Orchard (#B2-55)

2 Orchard Turn

Singapore 238801

T: (+65) 6634 0253

On the basis that Cotton On proper is like a bargain bucket, this is surprisingly organised, neat and tidy (we came early in the day and advise you to do likewise).  Nothing exciting but great for cut price Ts, vest, leggings etc.  Around 50% off – all year round – the regular store prices.

Opening Times: 10am-10pm daily



313 Orchard Road


T: (+65) 683 44423

Their Singapore flagship, so no need to bother with their more humble-sized offerings at Vivo or Wisma.  Totally teen-tastic but also quite fantastic for cheap, quirky clothes for your opinionated, hard-to-dress teenage daughter. USA’s answer to Topshop & H&M. 4 whole floors of Forever 21 at 313 make it a pretty huge time commitment, but the choice is amazing which means there must be something here you can both agree on.  It’s also the only store in Singapore to carry their Love 21 contemporary collection.

Opening Times: 10am-11pm daily


Marina Square (#02-238)

6 Raffles Boulevard

Singapore 039594

T: (+65) 6212 9200

Generally a pretty dreadful place, and worth avoiding, but their kids department is really very well stocked and they seem to have oodles of everything you’d want for your little munchkin….including masses of Munchkin branded goodies from straw cups and replacement straws (just try finding them in Carrefore) to snack catchers etc.  They also stock Kickers checked cotton boxers, which are very sweet, for ages 4 to 13.  Worth going for these alone.

Opening Times: 11am-9.30pm daily


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