His Tailor

Whether you want a bespoke beauty or just some jeans taken up, we like these places:



Raffles Hotel Arcade (#02-12)

328 North Bridge Road

Singapore 188719

T: (+65) 6336 3556

Let’s just get one thing straight, there is nothing clever about this shop. You come here, you get out your wallet and you pay, quite a lot, for what will turn out to be a very nice shirt/suit.  Good selection of suit material (you cannot BYO material here for suits, but you can for shirts), prices start from $650.   Shirt prices depend hugely on the fabric you select, but cost from $99 to $269.  You can bring your own fabric but the workmanship will cost from $80 and above, which is a bit of a disincentive.  On the whole, cheaper than a bespoke shirt would be in the UK, but in the context of Asia, this is pricey.  We are on the hunt for somewhere just like this, but half the price.  We will keep you posted!

Opening Times: 10.30am-7.30pm Mon-Sat; 11pm-7pm Sun



Tanglin Shopping Centre (#01-36/39)

19 Tanglin Road

Singapore 247909

T: (+65) 6737 4800

We know 3 generations who have never bought a suit from anywhere else in Singapore.  Joseph, the master tailor, has cut cloth for all of them.  Charming, old school service, you will pay for what you get (prices start from $800 – including cloth – you have to use their cloth, so don’t bother trying to negotiate using your own stuff) but you get a pretty decent suit.  Fabric choice is very broad (i.e. great for the tropics and equally great for the colder climes of a NY winter) and broadly, very good.  Your suit will be 100% bespoke, but if you don’t trust the sartorial elegance of Singapore, bring your Jermyn Street number as a guide.  BTW: Ask to meet Joseph and make sure you arrange your 2 fitting times for when he will be around. Henry the manager is also excellent.

Opening Times: 10.30am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10.30am-5.30pm Sat

Ask for: Henry (manager) or Joseph (tailor)



Far East Plaza (#04-104)

14 Scotts Road

Singapore 228213

T: (+65) 6738 1764

If you want your jeans taken up and done well, come here. They also do any other tweaks and tucks as required.  They may cost a little more than a chap in a cupboard, but they’ll do a better job.  (FYI They also have a proper tailoring outfit one floor up – for women only – so are obviously doing something right).

Opening Times: 12pm-8.30pm Mon-Sat.  Closed Sun


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