His Sports Gear

Anyone for tennis?



Novena Square

238 Thompson Road

Singapore 307683


Don’t sweat it, Velocity is THE sports mall and has a whopping 21 shops dedicated solely to sportswear and equipment.  If what you are looking for isn’t here, then is probably isn’t in Singapore.

Opening Times: 10.30am-9.30pm daily (vary from shop to shop)



Great World City (#B1-20/23)

1 Kim Seng Road

Singapore 237994

T: (+65) 6887 4298

Part of the Royal Sporting House and has the best value golf gear (be it balls, clubs, spikes) in town.  That’s not to say it’s cheap, but it sells most things you’d need with prices that are generally lower than elsewhere.  BTW: Did you know that unless you’re a pro, you can’t play in metal spikes in Singapore?  It’s apparently do to with the large amount of lightening we receive here – nothing to do with them tearing up the ground then.  If you need to switch to plastic, buy them here and they will even screw them in for you (fiddly and a bore to have to do yourself).

Opening Times: 11am-9pm daily

Same but different: If it’s golf gear vs golf clothes that you are after head to the relic from the past, the Far East Shopping Centre.  Level 2 is more or less devoted to golf shops, both new and second hand.  Sounds too ropey? Well one of the outlets here (Transview Golf (#02-25/26; T: (+65) 6732 6861) is also at SICC (can’t get better than that) as well as Taka and Isetan….the only difference is this branch is way less crowded and you can shop around very easily as the competition is next door.



Kids 21

Forum Shopping Centre (#02-24)

583 Orchard Road

Singapore 238884


T: +65 6737 2306

The ultimate (and frankly, the only) swimwear for men and we mean it.  Born on the beaches of San Tropez, this luxury label is in a world of its own.  Great prints in their signature jewel-like colours, the only Singapore  concession is within Kids 21 Forum branch.  Be warned, they also do very adorable (read eye wateringly expensive) ‘junior’ line for your boy.  Prices start at $260 for adult swimmers and $170 for children’s (ages 2-12). BTW: We think this is about to close down, so keep your eye’s peeled for any bargains (as if).

Opening Times: 10.30am-7.30pm Mon-Sat; 11am-6pm Sun



Loewen Gardens

81 Loewen Road

Dempsey Village

Singapore 248845

T: +65 9151 6741

If you want the Vilebrequin look without splashing too much cash, head down to The Children’s Showcase in Loewen where they do a great knock-off, with matching little and large pieces priced at $79 and $129 respectively.

Opening Times: 9.30am-5pm Mon-Fri; 9.30am-4pm Sat. Closed Sun



Parklane Shopping Mall (#03-09)

35 Selegie Road

Singapore 188307


T: (+65) 6391 1420

Need a wetsuit and not sure where to get one under the $300 mark?  Oceanic’s own brand wetsuits are bargain basement (from $130) but they also stock O’Neill and other more expensive brands if you feel that you need to spend more.  Granted, they will not last you as long as a pricer version would, but you’ll get a couple of years wear out of it.  Who wants a 5 year old wetsuit anyway?

Opening Times: 11am-6.30pm Mon-Fri; 11am-5.30pm Sat.  Closed Sun



Golden Landmark (#01-24)

390 Victoria Street

Singapore 188061

T: (+65) 6297 9273

This aims to be (and is) Singapore’s premier scuba gear retailer.  They stock Scubapro at the correct price (it’s actually cheaper here that it is at other unauthorized retailers in S’pore – we know this to our detriment).  Gavin Ang – with more than 2000 dives under his belt – runs the show and is amazing.  He knows everything about scuba gear….what gear you need and, remarkably, what gear you don’t need.  We like!  This should be your first port of call for things like masks (they even do lensed masks which you can take away with you in 20 minutes flat), fins and snorkels – especially if you are a rookie as the advice on what to buy and not buy is honest and valuable.  Masks start at around $30.  BTW: The Diveshop is not actually located inside the Golden Landmark mall/hotel, but is one of the shops on the outside; on the Arab Street/Haji Lane side of the building.  Park in the Golden Landmark carpark and walk round the edge of the building ’til you find it.  Lunch at FIKA on Arab Street afterwards – see EAT ME, DRINK ME/Lunch.

Opening Times: 11am-7pm Mon-Sat.  By appointment only on Sundays


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