Clever Clothes Shops We Love!

The title of this category doesn’t give an awful lot away…but read on…this is a deliciously random selection of clothes shops that are rated, not for exclusivity or rarity, but because they are not too expensive and stock great clothes at (generally) pretty great prices. They often require proper perusing before you emerge triumphant and they can also be a bit hit and miss, but are always worth a look.



Paragon (#03-45)

290 Orchard Road

Singapore 238859

T: (+65) 6834 1703

A boutique chain that manages to do hip, stylish and wearable very well indeed.  Featuring clothes from Korean designers, there are also other stores at the VivoCity and Marina Square, but steer clear of them because it’s their two vintage-inspired shops in Paragon and also Mandarin Gallery (#03-23; T: (+65) 6235 8477) that feel the most user friendly and seem to have the best and most wearable buys (stock at their other branches can be a bit random, esp. Marina Sq).

Opening Times: 10am-9pm daily



Tanglin Mall (#02-03)

163 Tanglin Road

Singapore 247933

T: (+65) 6887 4461

There is a fairly large emphasis on cute daywear dresses but this shop also sells evening dresses too.  Labels (some known, most not known) really change all the time but are generally imports from Australia, America and China.  Stock is turned over super quick (within a week to 10 days) in order to keep prices down – to around 20% less than retail she says officially, but we think it’s less than that – and the deliveries they receive depend very much on where Tiffany is buying.   She never stocks too much one thing, so you needn’t worry too much about seeing someone else in your dress.  Has the slight feel of a well-kept sale shop with its racks of dresses, but if you can bear to hunt for your treasure, you will, 8 times out of 10, be richly rewarded.  Slash-price DVF wrap dresses are pretty regular here – so keep checking.

Opening Times: 10am-9pm daily



Raffles City (#02-12)

252 North Bridge Road


T: (+65) 6333 0657

75% ming, 25% zing.  They have just opened a branch in Tanglin Mall which is far easier that Raffles City in terms of popping in and perusing.  If you are after a great dress and prepared to hunt for it without getting freaked out by some passing horrors that you will invariably also uncover, this shop (which is also in Korea, Hong Kong and China) actually has a quite a good selection.  You must be fully prepared to look (and look quite hard) through quite a few racks before emerging triumphant.  Some good vintage-inspired offerings that are well priced and not too scarily retro.  A huge amount of stores in Singapore (12 in total) – see website for more details.

Opening Times: 11am-9.30pm daily



Marina Square (#02-312)

6 Raffles Boulevard

Singapore 039594

T: (+65) 63390270

A huge chain that every time on passing looks like a bit of a teenage nightmare, but is great for slanty, good value Ts and other quite OK tops (if you can weed them out), great bags (some sweet and really quite edgy clutches that look very ‘boutique’) as well as great shoes.  We would like to caveat all these comments by forewarning you that there is a 70:30 ming/zing ratio applicable to the entire store.  Items of note and at the time of writing included a very cool black ‘leather’ clutch with delicate chain tassels, classic bags in the style of Bottega Veneta for $50 (obv. not real leather but it didn’t show), black hi-wedge flipflops as well as a sparkly black flipflop flattie weighing in around the bargain basement price of $13…you can’t go far wrong with price tags like these.  They also have quite a large presence in Isetan Scotts (L2) with picks that appear more high end and less teeny.  BTW: pronounced ‘Emphasis’.

Opening Times: 11am-9.45pm daily


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