19 Smith Street

Singapore 058933

T: (+65) 6327 1286

Where: China Town

We’re: Singaporean Mr Wong (owner) is THE noodle king.  He is so esteemed that mainland Chinese would-be noodle chefs travel to him here in SG, for apprenticeships.

Wear: Whatever

Seriously worth a trip into China Town to go and eat the delicious handmade noodles  and dumplings that are created before your very eyes constantly throughout the day.  They’ve been here for years and the regulars are all locals although you can expect to see a few tourists here too – such is Wong Seng Wai’s reputation.  Ask them what they recommend – we loved their pot sticker dumplings as well as their steamed ones (very DTF but half the price).  On the noodle front, their pork chop noodles and dumpling noodles are winners at around $8 a dish.  It’s also a very good place to take any veggies who may be lurking in your midst – great local vegetarian food is pretty hard to find.  Try their spring onion pancake as well as homemade tofu. The owner’s wife speaks perfect english and gets that cooking things in pork fat doesnt make it vegetarian any more.  (Parking is easy – come early and park in the open air coupon-only car park just off South Bridge Road – at the junction with Erskine Road – to the side of yellow Maxwell Food Centre.)

Opening Times: 12pm-11pm daily


New Majestic Hotel

31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road

Singapore 089845

T: (+65) 6511 4718

Where: China Town

We’re: Seriously scrumptious nouvelle Chinese nosh

Wear: Shanghai Tangs

The lunchtime crowd here – you may be surprised to learn – is 100% local.  The evening crew is more expat.  The food here is excellent and their beautifully executed modern Chinese cuisine is what has earned them their reputation; which they work hard to protect.  Portions are not pint sized, but perfect, and their puddings are excellent too.  We loved their wasabi prawn/foie gras/Peking duck starter and the deep fried durian ice cream is a must.  Ask for guidance when ordering, they all know their stuff and can steer you in to some great choices.  Come early and go for drinks at the bar first.

Opening Times: 11.45am-2.30pm; 6.30pm-10.30pm daily


360 Joo Chiat Road

Singapore 427605

T: (+65) 6345 1503

Where: East

We’re: Properly local, properly delicious and properly good value Chinese food

Wear: Whatever

If you are ang moh, you’ll be the only one here.  This is a find and it served delicious food which is easy to order from a very unscary menu that is printed in both English and Chinese.  Be warned that the food does not look pretty, and is served on orange tupperwear, but, it is DELICIOUS. Their beancurd with prawn tofu is to die for and they also do a very good sweet and sour pork.  You can order a specially prepared fried fish which is crispy and fresh, and the venison with ginger and spring onion is also definitely worth ordering.  The restaurant is actually famous for it’s fish head which is good, but for us, not the main event.  Veggie wise, the double egg with chinese spinach has both century and salted egg and was ‘die, die must try’.  Tiger beer is available and costs just $3.50 or opt for a pot of Chinese tea like everybody else does.

Opening Times: 11am-2pm; 5pm-10pm Tue-Sun.  Closed Mon


285 South Bridge Road

Singapore 058833

T: (+65) 6223 3649 or (+65) 6223 0398

This place is famous for it’s egg tarts. They are so delicious that frankly, it’s well worth double parking and leaping out to buy a box of at least 6.  They are perfect if you have people to tea and cost a little more than $1 a tart.  (Where else can you find prices like those? Not even Geylang!)  Crumbly, flaky pasty cases and with a smooth custard filling that is – very crucially – not too sweet.  Like a delicious French/Euro pastry they are in fact a hangover from the days when the Portuguese were here.


The Fullerton Bay Hotel

80 Collyer Quay

Singapore 049326

T: (+65) 6333 8388

New and fabulous, we think this is one of the best bars in SG.  Very Katy Perry and Russell Brand in vibe, this gives you awesome views over iconic MBS which we can’t seem to get enough of.  Granted, it’s not as high as 1 Altitude, but it’s miles better, and miles hipper.  They seem to have a policy of pretending to be terribly busy but in reality it’s not that hard to get a table/lounger, but you do need to book…when we were there, even hotel guests were being turned away.  The food is not worth ordering (over priced and tiny portions), eat first and come here for some post supper slurping.

Opening Times: 12pm-2am daily

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