We know…this is TOTALLY insane. Who on earth would head to the basement of an airport for a day out? It’s mind bendingly weird but a totally rocking wet afternoon filler if you have a little person in the 2-4 age range and are sick of all the usual suggestions and places…

Come here for a low-key and wonderfully good value version of Kids Grand Prix.  Within the B2 carpark of T3, it’s right by the entrance to the airport and is called MY SIMPLE HABITS.  Come and ride on giant giraffe cars with the help of Mummy or Daddy (nothing particularly amazing about that) or, providing you are aged 2-5, take your very own motorised car out for a race around the track, alone.  Choose from Harley bikes, jeeps and a whole host of others.  Prices depend on the car, but start from $3-$7.  If your child is a bit of a whimp, or a terrible driver (turned out our kids were both) there is actually a remote controlled car you can put them in, which worked wonders ($6 for 10 minutes).

Once the fun is over, go into the airport.  We know…but read on. Apart from there being masses of open space to run about in, none of the shops will charge you GST for anything you buy, even though you are not flying anywhere.  Prada sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut feel like a bargain and there is even a Fairprice supermarket here too – all in the basement of the airport, and all tax free.

As you walk along there are various kids break out areas (nothing particularly of note) including a water feature and a little play area.  There is also a giant slide (great for older children aged 5+).  What IS interesting that next to the playground there is a reflexology/beauty place which is perfect for Mummy while Daddy/helper watches the children.

If you’re feeling peckish and it’s teatime for small people, take the lift up to Departures at level 3.  Head towards the escalator at the far side and go up towards yet more shops and restaurants.  There is a Crystal Jade to your left but the one you are looking for is SAKE TEPPANYAKI (T: 6242 6378).  Order their Boston Lobster Set ($50 for two people).  Kids can eat various bit from it including the delicious fried rice, or choose them something else from their a la carte menu.  As you would expect, you sit around the teppanyaki station and watch the skilled chefs cooking it before your eyes…little people are glued – it’s like real-life television and they wolfed down huge helpings without realising it.  Go….but make sure you don’t bring any visitors with you, as they’ll think you are barking mad!

Great website with some sweet deals. Each day they feature one deal on cool things to do, see or taste in SG.  You only get the deal if enough people buy it (past deals include a weekly, use-anytime yoga pass for $10 vs the usual $50 price/50% off Bliss Brazilian waxes etc).  When the deal ends, they email you a coupon so you can go and redeem it.

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