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This is our ‘little black book’; listing hard to find, hidden away places, as well as the down right necessary and obvious, in and around Singapore.  We have plonked it on a web page so that we can access it wherever we are, and, most importantly, so that we can easily share it.  Whether you have just arrived/have done three + years here/were born here, there should be plenty of useful addresses you simply might not have to hand/a few spots that you may not have come across yet/at least a few hidden gems that you didn’t already know about…

Singapore is a vibrant and ever-growing city, but to those who are new to the place, it can be daunting and trying to find the simplest things such as bath towels, a local doctor or just somewhere good for dinner can seem like a serious undertaking.  Tracking down the most banal household item can turn into an entire afternoon’s hunt; often leading to unexpected but welcome discoveries along the way.  Whilst this is obviously part of the fun of discovering a new place we felt that, at times, it would have been nice not to spend so much time hunting, and a little more time enjoying and sharing the discoveries made along the way.

Getting my wedding photographs finally bound in a beautiful album by the Disabled Society was not something I set out to achieve, it was somewhere I stumbled upon and feel strongly that it should be supported.  A fantastic roast duck stall at a wet market that sells out before 12 noon, a place you can buy beautiful grosgrain ribbons from by the spool for the same price you would pay by the metre in the UK, a decent coffee joint that is actually open before 10am and isn’t Starbucks and where to go for good but cheap facials…all these things should be shared, enjoyed and supported.

With this in mind, two girlfriends have collated their personal lists of discoveries as well as plenty of well known but well loved establishments.  Some may be obvious to the old hands – but not necessarily to newcomers – and some may be glaring in their absence.   If it isn’t in here, it is either because we don’t rate it, haven’t had a chance to list it, or (heaven forbid) don’t know about it.  The whole point of this online little black book is to spread the word about places that we rate…especially those off the beaten track.  If you are tired of trawling the malls, then we hope this a help.

Let us know if you have found any hidden gems that require inclusion, share any bad experiences you may encounter with any of our listings, and, in the unlikely event that our checked and double checked information is out of date, please tell us: a large percentage of featured shops and services do not have their own websites, making correct contact information crucial.

We will NOT bombard you with weekly emails – we are simply an address book.   Just check back on the website every now and then to see any updates, additions and revisions (check out the Recent Finds tab which also acts as an archive).  We regularly add places as we find them…and as you tell us about them.  Should you want to be kept up to date with all our recent discoveries – which we tend to post towards the end of each month – just sign up for email updates.

We would like to apologise in advance for any typos and spelling mistakes as well as any formatting errors that you may encounter.  We are by no means professional and nor do we want to be.  Please think of us as a good friend’s personal address book that you are flicking though (with their permission, of course)….sometimes pages are loose and the handwriting is horribly illegible, but most of the time we hope it is pretty user-friendly and helpful.

Lastly, any finds we have come across that we think are particularly fabulous and/or obscure have been given a gold star to give them a bit of standout.  There are very few that get awarded, but we hope you enjoy discovering them, just as much as we did finding them!

Contact us at: info@mysingaporeaddressbook.com

Header image with thanks to James Odell
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